Mountain Biking in South Florida? You bet! Across the state we have many trails to challenge even the best riders. Our staff can help you choose the right mountain bike and help you locate great trails.

  • Santa Cruz
  • Specialized
  • Intense
  • Yeti
  • Pivot
  • Niner
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Shimano Service Center

While some of our brands offer a wide range of bicycles and accessories, our focus is to provide service, bicycles, components, and accessories to racers, elite recreational riders, and casual riders looking for the very best products, fit, and service.

We emphasize proper fit for cyclists. This allows you to maximize performance and minimize injuries. Our team has expert knowledge of all our bicycles, frames, and accessories.

We have more experience bike fitting than any other bike shop in the area.

We use the Retul 3-D Motion Capture Technology fitting technology that creates extremely precise information allowing us to give you the best fit.

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